30 down, 5 to go. did not know it was possible to be so tired

Five more radiation sessions left to go.  It’s been a long seven weeks, people.

I am just cranky.  It’s raining (again) and I am so tired I can barely think.  I am also in a state of sore and red and hot to the touch skin.

I hate it.  This does hurt. See photo below (the derelict farm building I photographed this weekend merely looks as worn out as I feel…).  You will notice what looks like a black mole.  It’s not, it’s a radiation tattoo.  I actually responded to a HARO query from a reporter  doing a story on radiation tattoos.  But because I was not flipping out about the dots I imagine that is why I never heard a thing .

I don’t know if you can see the red bumpy rash but I hope you call all see how RED this is.  in this case, red=sore and I also get shooting pains through the breast right now.  All perfectly normal even if it feels like crapola.

The tired thing is really stunning to me still.  I am trying to take care of myself and I still can’t believe how tired I am.

Dr. Weiss says I am doing well, so I can’t imagine what not doing well is truthfully.  Five more to go seems like it will take forever.

And I must harp on the whole femininity issue.  This stuff just does it to you.

A final word is a shout out to random people who ask me if I can get pregnant since I have had radiation.  Seriously?  Not only is it really none of your business, the truth is that ship sailed a long time ago.  I can’t have kids. If you need to know the burning response to that question I suggest asking a radiation oncologist.

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1 Response to 30 down, 5 to go. did not know it was possible to be so tired

  1. Yes, it looks very red. So sorry you have to put up with this painful ordeal.

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