15 down 20 to go…

I have nothing value added at this point in the day as my ass is dragging.   Well maybe one thing. or two. Or three.

My sweet man surprised me with a pair of cookbooks I have always wanted to own – Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – BOTH volumes!! 

I made Julia’s Ratatouille to accompany a marinated grilled boneless pork loin on Saturday to break it in.  Also made cinnamon peach pancakes for Sunday breakfast – they weren’t Julia – they were all mine (no there is no written down recipe)

Mind you after cooking Sunday I had a delightful nap….and speaking of naps, almost could have had one at radiation today as they were an hour behind and I got there fifteen minutes early. And for all the requests that we not wear perfume, etc to radiation, maybe they should mention to the staff in radiation that the cooking smells emanating from the staff break room aren’t necessarily what cancer patients feel like smelling either. Just saying.

Saw my regulars – and the lady I really like who wears the oxygen when going to radiation is also doing a fanny pack for chemo.  She looked tired today.  

Well that is all for me….

Another one done! Sweet dreams all…and just think, in the middle of this week I will truly be halfway done…

If you are in a mood to read check out two new things I found on www.breastcancer.org :

Dense Breasts Hike Risk of Aggressive Cancer

Tamoxifen Legacy lasts Long Term

Lower Your Risk (diet)

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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