14 down and 21 to go…and a giggle

Ok yes….week three of seven is finally complete.  I am shortly all about the nap as I have also logged to completion  my 40 hour work week. 

I am very tired and this morning Teri was laughing because I was sooo Ms. Cranky Pants – well in all fairness the fact that The Haverford School (a pretigious boys school with platinum plated tuition for all of those not in the know)  decided to BLOCK all four lanes of Lancaster Avenue so they could back an 18 + wheeler into their new turf field in training instead of taking it around the side of the school and into their property so as to NOT inconvenience everyone totally set me off.   We left in enough time so that I should have been 15 minutes early for radiation and instead I was almost 15 minutes late through no fault of my own.  But that school doesn’t give a crap about anything or anyone other then them these days so what did I expect?

After rads, Teri and I stopped so I could get my prescriptions at Rite Aid – here’s your giggle for the day – as I am standing there paying for my prescriptions this elderly African American man goes up to drop off his prescriptions at the other window of the pharmacy and the last thing he says is “and I’ll have a viagra to go, too”.

I almost wet my pants.  But to spare you all that I didn’t but boy did I giggle.

Many thanks to my friends, family and my sweet man. You all are literally God’s blessing – I could not do this without you.  And yes, I did stop into Our Mother of Good Counsel this morning to have a little word of thanks with the big guy upstairs…but shhhhh don’t tell it ruins my whole heathen thing.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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