the hospital bill cha-cha-cha


I was warned about the itemized hospital bill.  Truthfully, I did not expect it to be wrong.

I know, I know what the hell was I thinking?

Surprise number one: they charged me close to $200 for a pregnancy test.  Hello???? I have never been able to conceive, AND  it’s all over every freaking file in the hospital system—I have been in the same hospital system since I was 19 years old.  

 I find it damn amusing that you can buy a home test for what? $20 or less?  Having spent my entire life as being reproductively challenged I find this almost a nasty smack in the face as well as a waste of money.  But what the hell, it’s only my insurance costs, right? 

Surprise number two: they actually tried to charge me my $450 co-pay a second time.  Unfortunately for them I still had my receipt from day of surgery.  I reminded them about the pre-surgery shake down at 6 a.m. I had to wait on hold in auto lady voice hell for 20 minutes to accomplish this.   But I did it. No co-pay groundhog day for me.

So yes, you all can say I told you so now.  And many thanks to all of you who advised me to go over it line by line by line….



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3 Responses to the hospital bill cha-cha-cha

  1. joanna francis says:

    F–ck the bills. get a pedicure. take care of yourself.

  2. mspachy says:

    I just had to go to the ER for SOB last night. I’ve been on chemo for 2 months so my ovaries are pretty much dead, I had a hysterectomy at 21 and I’m a lesbian….they still did a pregnancy test and they messed it up the first time, it was inconclusive so they did a second one…LOL anything for a dime. They never did give me the pregnancy you never know!

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