the waiting IS the hardest part and other tales….

Ok so yes, I spoke to my medical oncologist right before the holiday weekend (and he called me within half an hour of getting my e-mail asking him to look at oncotype results).  So yes, I am waiting for him to read it – realistically I am not his only patient and if the end result = no chemo for me, well then I can chill a few days for his thoughts.

Yes, I want to be able to call the radiation oncologist and go get my mini tats for radiation and get fitted to the machine and git r’ done, but I have to chill a little.

So my darling support team, I have no answers yet.  But I am sure I will in a couple of days.  I have posted a lil’ Tom Petty to get us through.

I am feeling better, and I have to tell you about this ad I answered.  It  was for in essence one of those store front privately run ultrasound places.  Now I know from co-pays these things ain’t cheap…only these people wanted to pay someone about $7 bucks an hours to do all this office stuff (and oh yesss …”tidying” up of the office).   When I found out, I was kind of like “uhh no thanks and you are seriously underpricing this job”. I resisted the urge to say while I might do windows, I didn’t do toilets.   They also wanted someone completely bilingual (I am not and don’t pretend to be).

So this nutter of a woman basically tells me I have got some nerve to question the “salary” and am… wait for it….ignorant.  Now that “ignorant”  word when slung this way is of course is and always will be the last fallback of the truly classless….and stupid. 

I am sorry, but that is crap.  You want a quality candidate, don’t act offended if quality candidates say no thanks to indentured servitude – and given the cha ching these indie imaging places seem to make around here, truly the ignorant ones are these people who want to take advantage of people who need work in a crappy economy.

Seriously, this broad said to me in writing (and I quote):

My point is, the economy is bad, and you have NO right to judge us.  We all need to be very thankful for what we have and to realize that there are some that are just struggling to get by and would love to have this position.  (Oh yes, and I did fill it just a few day later with someone who is super qualified and grateful.)  It may be a good idea for you to step down off your pedestal, as you never know what you could be passing up without giving things a chance.

Step down off my pedestal?  Really? Just because I want to make a quasi-living wage and be able to pay my bills, including left over billing from medical expenses which are driven up undoubtedly by the games people like this play? 

Lady, you don’t know from thankful.  I have looked breast cancer in the face and you can kiss my shrinking derrière.  Yes, it is a bad economy, and employers like you make it worse.  And yes, I do indeed know what I would be passing up: indentured servitude and potential debt.   No thanks.

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