too much information running through my brain….

Yep, as I am walking out of the first appointment with my new oncologist, the Police song “Too Much Information” started…you got it, running through my brain.

My friend Linda took me and was my ears…she is awesome.  She was like a big sister to me in high school and back in the day I felt really cool when I got a ride to school with her in her Corvair.

Upon our arrival the waiting room was packed with all ages and stages of life…with cancer and waiting with those who had cancer.  One woman had a gaggle of pals with her like her own personal cheerleading squad and I found that awesome.

So first up was a new nurse to take my vitals.  Really nice woman but she did not ask me what side I was cut on and when she put the BP cuff on my left arm and it started to pump up the volume I thought I was going to hit the ceiling.  So she switched to my right arm and much as I expected after the week I have had and a combination of nerves being jangly for this first appointment and four hours of sleep due mostly to the fact that we had wicked thunderstorms well… my blood pressure was high.

So after waiting a bit my new oncologist came into the exam room.  Very nice, cute, and an awesome smile along with bright, calm and informative — I like him.

We went through all the fun stuff and well…I don’t think he was ready for me.  I might have been a little too zippy, but I was just wired by the time we started talking.

We went over chemo if I need it – it would be four shots three weeks apart, then radiation and tamoxifen. Ok people rub your buddha and dog and cat bellies, I don’t want to lose my hair.

The side effects from all of this crap can just suck no way around it.  But I want to git r’ done, people.

Anther milestone appointment down, another week towards completion finished.

Love all of you and thanks for listening.

Zippy out.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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3 Responses to too much information running through my brain….

  1. Hey you . . .

    Let me tell you again – your spirit is amazing and your bravery unmatched!

    All good thoughts coming your way; I so admire you!

  2. Love your post. You are so funny and make me smile. I’m sure your lively personality was a welcome change for Doc What’s-his-name.

    Praying in faith for you to have a good report. Hope you find out soon, so you can put that behind you too.
    Love your positive attitude.

  3. Linda Mackie says:

    Little Sis-

    Was so proud of you today! Your doc is amazing and I think he was caught slightly off guard by such a witty, strong, knowledgeable and honest patient! He sees all kinds of emotional responses, but your positive passion and determination pleased him, I’m sure!

    Thank you for the honor of including me today:)

    PS- I think it’s a blast that you remember so fondly our travels in the Corvair!!!

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