sleep is good….

Finally I slept.  Only six hours straight before I woke up, but I really slept – which is more than I have been doing.  Between work stress and breast cancer stress and life stress,  continual good sleep has been a challenge the past year.

My incisions look good and that sweet man of mine says the pink is a healthy pink. They still hurt, and so I am ignoring my left arm – which since I am left-handed is indeed a challenge.  It’s amazing the way my left side hurts. (o.k. yes, yes I had surgery what did I expect? Don’t know, never have had much of anything done and given the way the left boob feels I still can’t understand elective boob surgery for purely cosmetic purposes)

Me relaxing and resting is the hardest thing right now.  I am not programmed to sit still and I know I have to.  I know rest = healing.

My head seems in a better place today.  Yesterday I was just an occasionally weepy mess.  But as you all keep telling me – one day at a time, one step in front of the other.  And if the job worries turn into something real, I will simply have to deal with them. 

All in all I am a lucky girl, I have all of you. 

My soul is tall.  I am bigger than this circumstance. 


About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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