princess thundercloud

One of my neighbors years ago told me if I had an American Indian name (and if I don’t get this politically correct, go easy I am really, really cranky right now) it would be Princess Thundercloud.

Pretty funny, but fairly apt.

So I have run around and gotten myself squared away for a look see with my primary care physician, who is a fantastic doctor whom I wouldn’t want to change out. While I am not a delicate flower, I hope she and I do not butt heads tomorrow. I just have a schedule and I am keeping it. And I want to reduce stress.

But I also reached out to another one of my doctors to get this moving along.  I have a plan, I have a surgery date, I have a life. I also need to keep up my work schedule.  I am not a trust fund baby, I am a woman living in the real world with a distinct weakness for shoes and earrings (another topic for another day LOL).

A few friends have weighed in on the EKG thing and one of my doctors, so I have peeled myself off the ceiling and found my inner calm again.  I also had this awesome conversation with the PR guy from LBBC about an idea I had – and he was nothing short of completely cool.  LBBC is a really cool organization if you don’t know about it, you will hear about it here from me. I just like them and their approach – and if you are newly diagnosed like me I suggest you order their Guide for the Newly Diagnosed too…

I try to keep Princess Thundercloud under wraps, but some days she just has to come out and play. 

Now if everyone would just play nice in the damn sandbox I could get this piece of crap cut out of my body and move forward. Just sayin’

After all I have a plan and a life to lead and the bullshit quotient of every day that exists with not just breast cancer but preparing for surgery and dealing with hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies while performing the duties of my daily life is exhausting. 

Our healthcare system should not be so convoluted, complex, complicated and what have you.  It should be much simpler – doctors want to heal as do nurses, but our healthcare system and insurance companies add so many layers.  Who are the layers for?  I don’t want to complain because knock on wood my health insurance company has been treating me very well but I just wish the system was more clear cut and the steps towards my goals from that perspective were fewer and sometimes easier.

This too shall pass…I forget who used to say that to me all the time.  My father maybe.

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  1. ncbluesky says:

    Warrior Princess…

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