reminding myself to learn patience

Some days patience is a virtue I have a hard time discovering….and today? The word of the morning thus far is irritation.   And it’s probably just in my head because I have things to do….but….let’s start at the beginning (and yes it is like I have had may daily cup of French Press but in truth I have not yet)

Anyone who knows me knows I do not let dust grow under my feet – I like to get things done.

So yes, I was first call to my surgeon’s office this morning, but hell, she gave me the date yesterday she could cut the lump out and I want that set in stone.  I also want them to fight for me to get my radiation treatments scheduled closer to me because I am not a lady who lunches, I have to work and am self-supporting.  Six weeks of chemo, five days a week at a site not close to my office might prove to be financial hardship.

When I called the office the voice on the other end of the phone was well,  irritated.  “We just walked in the door, we have no idea what you are talking about.  Our scheduler is not in. We’ll call you back”

Ok, I am trying to be patient and say to myself  they just walked in the door, etc., but on the other hand,  while this is normal to them, there is nothing normal about this to me and I am the breast cancer patient and a new one at that.   I also know that I do have to be my own best advocate and continue being proactive.   I need that for me to survive.

Maybe these office people aren’t necessarily going to love me, I hope they at least like me…but the fact of the matter is while breast cancer is every day at the office on the job for them, there is nothing normal for me about this.  I am like a rabbit with the carrot, dog with the bone: I want that damn appointment she mentioned to me yesterday.  I want to get approved for radiation treatments that are closer to home so I can work and not spend oodles of money on gas or on germ filled Septa trains day in and day out.  After all check out the photo from traffic hell yesterday just getting there…

Good lord people, I have a plan…work with me here.

Ok now that THAT is out of my system, day one of life has begun now that I have a plan…now if I could just get the stuff scheduled today I want to get scheduled today.  I know, I know— there are a bunch of you laughing out there right now at me because patience some days is a virtue I have yet to discover.  Please give a girl a break.  I want this lump out …

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2 Responses to reminding myself to learn patience

  1. Who says you have to be patient? Patience is an act of manners and consideration for OTHERS. I’m sure you don’t want to abandon civility, but this is about YOU. As you said YOU’re the one with the cancer. Let THEM be patient with YOU!
    Glad to hear (though not nearly as glad as you, I’m sure) to hear that your diagnosis, course of treatment and prognosis are not as bad as they could have been.
    It’s probably hard to keep in the forefront of your mind, but, yes, it could be worse, and yes, there are others out there with greater troubles.

    Happy Birthday. Let’s keep them coming.


  2. i just had a giggly thought in wonka, the spoiled brat says “I want an oompaloompa and I want it now!” and I hear you saying “I want a lumpaouta and I want it now!” Can’t blame you one bit.


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