happy is a state of mind I choose

I know some people think I am bit nutty because how can I say I am happy when I have breast cancer.

Ok look, maybe every single day I won’t be happy, and some days I will be scared, but you know what people? We’re a long time dead.  I am alive.

Yesterday in the middle of everything else I witnessed a rear ender fender bender behind me a couple of hours before I saw my surgeon.  Someone was looking out for me, I was not part of the accident chain, but I did stay and was a witness for the young woman who was behind me at that traffic light because I knew she was already stopped, and well, once upon a time I was rear-ended and  although people saw me get rammed, no one stopped for me.  So I decided to pay it forward.   It never hurts.

I heard from another old friend today who has her 2nd anniversary of being breast cancer free coming up.   She is a nurse by trade, so talking to her is terrific.  She did a mammosite instead of traditional radiation, and it sounds interesting, so I am going to ask about that Monday morning.  She told me about what taking tamoxifen does and that some of the most obvious side effects ebb over time as your body adjusts.

So yes, today I am happy.  I have all of you and I have a plan and I can see forward a little bit.

And my surgeon’s office called me back and my office pal there was laughing at me and told me to take the weekend off and give my head a rest…LOL, I haven’t been that bad. Damn, they did not know me during the eminent domain days when I was really extra special…

But yes, people out there, including other of the pink sisterhood whom I have been connecting with and who have been discovering this blog – I am choosing to be happy.  I won’t be that way every day or I would be some crazy sort of Stepford wife, but I am choosing that as a goal.  After all, the mental outlook is half of tackling anything.

Walk on people…it’s spring, the season of rebirth and renewal.

Be happy and pay it forward.

About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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