a day of tests

I am finally home.  Today started early – testing since 9 a.m. this morning. 

First up EKG.   That was a little schmoopy because I saw the woman who has been checking me out of women’s health appointments for years.  She said “oh no – you here because of last time you were here? Give me a hug.”  I have been going to the same people for so long I feel like we’ve all grown up together.

Almost left my watch in the EKG room….

Then chest x-ray – where it got interesting – good interesting.

While being checked into radiology, the woman checking me in told me she was of the Sisterhood of the Boob. I asked her what kind, and she told me invasive lobular as well.

My first milestone – meeting an upbeat survivor with my brand of lump.  And the X-Ray tech was pretty awesome too!

Then I went downstairs to visit the vampires to have blood drawn.  They don’t mind the pet name I have given them, but some of the people waiting looked at me like I had fallen and hit my head…except for the cell phone faux southern belle.

This broad who was far too old to have that color blond hair, had a fake Southern Belle from Hell accent…and a LOUD cell phone addiction. We were all treated to the details of her dermatology appointment and many other salacious details until the nurse told her their was no cell phone use in the lab – she of course bats her eyes and claims she did not know. Guess she missed the GIANT sign saying so?

So post vampire, I grabbed a cup of green tea and hung out in the lobby in between other tests and a quick lunch with a friend.  In the lobby was this Aunt Sally of a man escorting his mother who was telling everyone, I mean everyone, about every person he knew who had died of cancer. 

I wanted to strangle him.

Lunch with one of my girl friends was the perfect way to break all this up….and then it was back for more.

When I got back and was getting ready to go into the MRI suite I ran into one of my other doctors.  I love her and she was the one who pushed me to the breast surgeon and thank god for her.

The last bit of fun was a half hour inside the evil womb, errr I mean MRI.  Full immersion and wow was that close quarters…and that sucker gets hot inside.  I played mental gymnastics to forget I felt like I was inside the evil womb that felt like an easy bake oven after five minutes.

And then it was all over and I am now one step closer to resolution.

Now we only want ONE lump, hear?

Another interesting thing my entire day was everyone telling me how lucky I was I had been able to get into see this surgeon.  Some of the hospital personnel who helped me today told me this woman had helped their family members, so I am taking that as a huge positive – after all, you never hear about the people no one admires, right?

Oh and I got the number to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Another day closer people, another day closer….and it finally stopped raining…

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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1 Response to a day of tests

  1. pazlo says:

    I’m guessing everything is still a whirlwind in your head. Glad to hear you feel as though you’re maintaining momentum or traction, and seeing positives wherever you can! Wish I had better words. There was a time when I was better at cheerleading, but having been runover by a goodly sum of reality, it seems the best I can offer is an unflinching hand to hold (albeit virtual). I tell you this: I will not try to sell you a bill of goods; I will not try to talk you out of your fear or anxiety; I will not tell you “everything will be fine” because we don’t really know that and maybe it’s not really the truth. I will tell you that my heart is with you. I will stand beside you, even if I am silent, and face whatever the future brings. We may be strangers in the conventional sense, yet in another sense we are bonded across the miles and via the cloud. Know that you are not alone. I am sorry I can’t offer more, but in the words of Charles Dickens, “I am but mortal, and liable to fall.”
    Please take care of yourself as best you can, and I hope there are those that can help take care of you, too.
    Here’s to Hope, Courage, Care and Support.

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