oh christ it is october, think before you pink.

Consider this your annual PSA that I have been providing for 11 years now. Buying pink crap helps the bottom line of corporate America, not so much breast cancer patients, survivors, and victims.

Every year as soon as October 1st arrives, so do the ads and solicitations for us to “buy pink.”

Every year as soon as October 1st arrives, a lot of us experience PINK PTSD, myself included.

I can’t stand it. And look at the charities they “donate” minimal amounts to: mostly the Susan G. Komen pink pig of a pink business. More overhead than anything else.


Inside Philanthropy: Does Komen Need a Cure of its Own?
Paul Karon | December 11, 2019

FEBRUARY 8, 2012
Insight: Komen charity under microscope for funding, science

By Sharon Begley, Janet Roberts

There are more articles out there. Look at their IRS filings.

You want good breast cancer non-profits? Do your homework. Often look local. BreastCancer.org, Chester County PA’s own Unite for HER, and Living Beyond Breast Cancer are three of my favorites.

But most of all? Be your own advocate. Get your mammograms, pay attention to your breasts and any changes, if there is a familial cancer history get genetic testing.

Don’t buy pink crap, be real.

Happy October 1st. I still hate #Pinktober

Think before you pink.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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