the one good thing about a global pandemic is….

I found the silver lining in COVID19. I haven’t seen much of Pinktober which I hate.

This is the month I really hate because you even see pink pumpkins. Whoever thought a pink pumpkin looked good? It looks like someone spilled Pepto-Bismol on them.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and getting through this weird year of 2020 ok.

I have a few friends fighting different cancers, and my prayers and thoughts and positive hopes are always with them. Just like they are always with the rest of you out there. But I am not going to pretend that I ever like Pinktober because I hate it.

This is my ninth Pinktober as a survivor and it’s the calmest because this year we are thankfully not being inundated with pink plastic crap.

As is the case every October I urge all of you to find legitimate nonprofits that you like that don’t spend all their money on pink plastic crap and pink plastic marketing campaigns, but instead are focused on helping those with breast cancer.

Peace out and remember to vote. If you are a cancer patient, or cancer survivor you are a giant walking pre-existing condition. We cannot afford four more years of that big orange narcissist in the White House.

Have a great day!


About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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1 Response to the one good thing about a global pandemic is….

  1. Neil MacLeod says:

    Nicely put but you forgot the banks. They “run for the cause” and blightly charge NSF fees and lower credit ratings of those affected by cancer citing “you should have known better”. The subjective help of their employees has been replaced by the hard and fast impersonal decisions of the computer. The Privacy Act” does not allow for chemo brain so that the cheque you wrote in good conscience the automatic payment you “forgot about” following your chemo treatment is so sad too bad that will be $180.00 dollars please. Automatically deducted to the negative no less on an account that formerly and for years was pristine.

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