a word about pink trains and breast cancer

The author of this article I am about to link this post to writes the most wonderful articles and the Wyeth Family has done so much for Chester County, Pennsylvania and are indeed a National Treasure.

But as an almost 7 year breast cancer survivor (June if I am so blessed), this pink thing on the part of the Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art seems more about pandering to the Wyeth family than actuality drawing attention to breast cancer and supporting all of those dealing with it, living with it, surviving it.

I am truly sorry that Victoria Browning Wyeth is fighting breast cancer (wouldn’t wish it on anyone), but this display? It’s not about fighting breast cancer it’s about one family.

Don’t misunderstand me, I applaud those who support anyone through this disease BUT if it were truly about breast cancer it would be tied to something that raised funds for breast cancer research, treatment, or did something for the comfort of breast cancer patients at nearby Chester County Hospital (as one example off the top of my head.)

It would be fabulous if Ms. Wyeth and Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art would re-think this pink train thing. Do something that does more than something that feels like an exclusive mutual admiration society. Millions are affected by breast cancer. If you want to keep it local, partner with an organization like Chester County Hospital and resist pink pandering.

My opinion on this will not win me any friends in my home county, but I am unapologetic in my assertion that people need to think before they pink. Even with the best and most honorable of intentions.

Chadds Ford Live: Museum trains on track to battle breast cancer
Posted by Kathleen Brady Shea on January 21st, 2018

The Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art has given procrastinators reason to rejoice: Its popular holiday model trains will be displayed through Sunday, Jan. 28.

Even better, the unprecedented extra time comes with an addition to the Brandywine Railroad O-gauge extravaganza: a train car that promotes breast-cancer awareness….Stewart said that Dave Jensen, a veteran of the train display, added the breast cancer awareness car last week. “I asked him if it had any significance, and he said he put it up for personal reasons since he has a friend who is battling cancer now and in general to highlight breast-cancer awareness,” Stewart said.
Since May 2016, Victoria Browning Wyeth, the youngest member of the renowned Wyeth family, has publicized her battle with breast cancer in an attempt to help others. The granddaughter of Andrew and Betsy Wyeth said this week that Jensen contacted her to let her know about the addition that she and others had inspired.

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2 Responses to a word about pink trains and breast cancer

  1. Victoria Browning Wyeth says:

    I’m so sorry that the pink trains offended you. That was not the intention. It’s my understanding that the pink trains are there to draw attention to breast cancer awareness

    • carla says:

      Victoria that is so nice of you to say that. I think I am tired of pink exploitation and it’s overload- I think we could do better and it not always equate to the color pink. Happy Thanksgiving

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