another spin on pink sisterhood


My anniversaries approach. My cancerversaries as it were.  I do not want to jinx myself.    I just want to meet my goal or remaining cancer free.

It has been a long strange trip indeed, with a lot of positive outcomes stemming from a breast cancer diagnosis.

The past few weeks I have been sidelined with a knee injury.  Off to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to get official results of MRI, deal with whatever they decide,  and then starts the Merry-Go-Round of annual breast cancer related visits and testing.

I was a Gamma Phi Beta in college.   I have been realizing of late all the Gamma Phis who have gone through breast and other cancers. Members of my sisterhood, an International Sorority founded on November 11, 1874.

It kind of blows my mind.  My sisterhood also has members who belong to my other sisterhood…the one I did not wish to belong to but belong to.

So this post today is dedicated to all the Gamma Phis out there who are either in treatment currently, or are survivors.

Call it a double sisterhood shout out.


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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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