targeting target for breast cancer profiteering


Dear Target,

I hate Pinktober. It is a vomitorious b*llshit pink month for a lot of us who have had breast cancer, or are currently undergoing treatment, or live with the metastatic form of the disease.

Take your shirt for example? Stupid and somewhat offensive to me.

I have breasts. Lost a good chunk of one to BREAST cancer. They aren’t tater tots and tatas? Really? Goes with having to tee tee?

I did not have TaTa disorder. I had breast cancer. My life was saved. But I gave up having evenly shaped breasts in return.

I had seven weeks of radiation and am in year five of ten years of Tamoxifen.  Tamoxifen with side effect like spirit crushing joint pain and horrible hot flashes some days and sleep deprivation.

 I am grateful to be alive, but please, do something positive like help us lobby for health insurance reforms.

Breast cancer survivors and patients don’t need ridiculous pink T-shirts to wear in October that clash with fall colors and pumpkins, we need access to good health care.  We need health care that doesn’t dictate what our treatment should be at the expense of our health, mental well-being (stress), and even our lives. (HINT: THINK AETNA.)

Just look at your T-Shirt on your site Target – it’s ALL about your profit, you are not even pretending to “donate” to a charity.  And your model? Oh yeah sure (wink wink) she soooo looks like a survivor…a survivor of My Super Sweet 16 maybe…

This is only about you making a buck off of US.  You suck, frankly.


A Survivor


Folks out there: this is ONLY about Target making a buck during Pinktober. It is time to BOYCOTT TARGET.

If you are on Twitter, please tweet @TARGET and tell them to pound sand with this shirt. You can tell them in Instagram too – same handle “Target” – Tell them on Facebook.

Here are some survivors and those living with the disease telling Target how they feel:

s1 s2 s3 s4

Also try this for contacting Target:

Target Corporation
John Hulbert, Investors, 612-761-6627
Erin Conroy, Financial Media, 612-761-5928
Target Media Hotline, 612-696-3400

ceo contacts

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1 Response to targeting target for breast cancer profiteering

  1. Aww man, I like shopping at Target. Now I’m gonna have to go write nasty emails to send to those Target execs (thanks for providing their contact info). Your comment about the model made me laugh! Keep preaching, girl! xo

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