sometimes big business can pleasantly surprise you

A logo sign outside of a facility occupied by Aetna Inc. in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

A logo sign outside of a facility occupied by Aetna Inc. in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

The other day I wrote about my latest go round with my health insurance company, Aetna.

In all fairness I must do a brief update.

So after my last post I was frustrated enough that I Googled and Googled until I found the email address to Karen Lynch and Mark Bertolini .

Both received my e-mails, and to my great surprise Karen Lynch personally responded. I have to be honest and never thought in a million months of Sundays that a president of a giant corporation would respond to me one self-insured person with one single policy. I thought maybe a secretary or executive assistant would reply.

But she did personally and has stayed in communication with me.

I found issues with their new website along with my policy problems. I sent them screen shots of the website issues and they have actually been working with me to fix everything.

That is a vast improvement over last year.

Still waiting for all issue to be resolved but I feel like someone actually cares.



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