breast cancer scam callers, 2015 edition


It has been a while since I got a breast cancer scam phone call, but I got one tonight. It came in from Hershey, PA and the number is 717-298-5071.

A woman asked for me by name. It was partially a live person and partially a robo-call. They claimed to be calling on behalf of a breast cancer charity that helped cancer patients get meds. They did not name the charity.

But when I asked “Who is this? What charity is this? How did you get my name?” the call magically disconnected.

Can you say scam?

When I tried to call back all I got was busy. I have been trying to look up the number and on the Internet this is what they say:

Got a call from this number, when my son asked who was calling,they hung up. Second time they called. Reverse-searched it and someone said it was soliciting donations for Breast Cancer, but not official.

They called this evening saying they were collecting for breast cancer to help women who can’t afford there medication told them we don’t donate over the phone don’t call

Ok, so we know what this is.

A scam.

Delete, block, repeat.

Legitimate breast cancer charities do NO do NOT do NOT employ telemarketers and robo calls.

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4 Responses to breast cancer scam callers, 2015 edition

  1. J says:

    Thanks for the headsup. Yet one more reason I won’t answer my phone. 😉

    I’d never received a call from a breast cancer ‘charity’ asking for donations until I had been diagnosed and was in treatment. I think it was during radiation when the call came and I went off like an M80.

    I let the caller know there was not one but two cancer patients in this home* and demanded to know where they got my number, because someone somewhere is selling our very private info to these jackals. No answer to that question, of course. But the caller was unprepared for such a reaction and apologized! I shouted to lose this number and managed to not break the handset – it felt like one more pointless cruelty, this call. It was the last time I’ve answered such, but I’m now in the habit of screening all but those numbers I know or that ID themselves.

    It was cathartic, a bit. More draining and depressing though, knowing somewhere along your treatment path this info is being so blithely handed over to predatory businesses. I still can’t figure it out, all my info has only been ever given to or is in the hands of doctors or my insurance company.

    *sickeningly true, we are both presently clear of it for now.

  2. Mark says:

    How these scum get survivors addresses and numbers:
    We attended a cancer survivor and informational event. There were various groups handing out information and soliciting donations and contact information. It was a short time after this that the calls and mailed solicitations started. The only way they could have gotten our contact info is from this event.
    Below is a post I made regarding one of these “charities”. By the way – the same solicitors call to ask for donations to various causes such as disabled vets, law enforcement officers, etc., etc.

    Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Inc. Scammers of the lowest order. Call constantly trying to say we pledged money to them – which we did not. When we blocked their number – they send letters saying we pledged “per phone conversation with….” which no one did cause we hang up on their calls. They target people who attend cancer survivor groups and events – they somehow get people’s addresses and numbers from the sign-up sheets. They are scum – targeting cancer survivors. Do not deal with these people – give them no money – hang up when they call.

  3. ed koepke says:

    just a call from the son of a bitches just reported them

  4. Jim says:

    I get numerous calls from different charities that if they send me their envelopes (to make them look legit) would I send to my friends and neighbors. Turns out now, they are robocalls and I am talking to a computer. So at the first opportunity I ask the “What color is the sky”, or “What color is the grass”. They state that they cannot answer that question but I can call this number for that. Then I know I am talking to a robot and no amount of anger or disgust will work.

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