three years


Today marks my third cancerversary. I am three years breast cancer free!!!!


This time three years ago I was in recovery after a successful surgery.

I am one of the lucky ones and I feel blessed that I have attained three years already without a recurrence.

I have learned in these past three years there are no guarantees and we have to just live our lives as best as we can. I am learning to love myself just the way I am and to appreciate even more those loved ones around me. I am blessed with amazing friends and family.

I value greatly the readers of this blog and it wonderful to have you on my journey and I enjoy reading the breast cancer blogs many of you write as well.

I will note that I am experiencing something new as I enter this third year cancer free, and amazingly it is cyber-bullying at the hands of a couple of very sad people who used to be a part of my life. And one of those people was even part of my support system through breast cancer. These aren’t kids, these are people considerably older than I so how sad is that?

Life is a precious gift, and it is truly disappointing that anyone would waste their precious days on earth swirling in anger and self-loathing .  But I didn’t cause it, so it is on them to wallow in their own poison. I won’t and don’t. I pray people like this find peace.

As I enter fully this third year being cancer free, I believe even more in the philosophy of Karma. I completely believe it is true that the good you put out there comes back to you. I also believe in the reverse, so why not live your life in a positive manner?

Thank you one and all for sharing this journey with me and continue to look positively into the future.

Sending all my readers love and blessings. It is a beautiful day, I hope you can go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Remember, you are never too old, to love, to smile, to give a compliment, to think positively. Be ageless today. Let your inner light shine today.
~Eckhart Tolle

About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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5 Responses to three years

  1. Kristin says:

    I am nearing my third anniversary as well and can only imagine how joyful it is for you. Congratulations and thank you always, for sharing your journey.

  2. Dawn says:

    Again, I can totally relate (except you’re about 2 1/2 years ahead of me) even down to the cyber-bullying. Absolutely stunning. But anyway, thank you for your lovely blog.

  3. Thank you for your wishes fora beautiful day. Indeed, it is a beautiful day in Florida. I am ever so grateful for my gift of life and my six years of life following my Brest cancer diagnosis.

  4. suchishree goswami says:

    Congratulations on completing three years of being cancer free!!!true liberation isn’t it?I havn’t reached there yet but I surely wl its amazing hw v emerge stronger in d face of crisis goodness alone knows where v muster all d courage & strength from great goin woman kudos 2 u hope I cn hold on & derive strength & inspiration galore

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