in tears at the goodness of inspirational women

Yes, as I write, I am indeed in tears.  I am fine, don’t worry, I just have been touched by the amazing women being honored by Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

It is women like this who inspire me, and women like this even if I did not know them personally who buoyed me through my surgery and treatment.

I actually do know one of these women a little bit.  And I had no idea.  Her name is Marni Manko.  She is one of those women I just liked immediately when I met her.

How I met her and her husband was funny.  She was Editor of this magazine called Main Line Magazine and it was 2009. She plunked me on their top 100 list for being their favorite blogger that year. Her husband is the son of a politician who still can’t be in the same room with me without his blood MLM2009pressure going up.  I think Marni and her husband  are both terrific.  And I still have the blogging award laminated plaque thing.  For those of you who know me off blog, here is the text of what they said (because it IS amusing to me still):

Not only does outspoken Save Ardmore blogger Carla  crack us up with her musings on all things Main Line, but watching her throw down over billboards—while a hundred not-so-staid Main Liners cheered their support—was the best time we had since we saw that catfight at the Lilly warehouse sale.

mammo grahamsSo anyway, we all have lives outside and inside of lives and I never knew she was one of those brave BRCA women who took preventative measures against breast cancer, or that she lost her mother to the disease. But she is. And the reverse is true – she never knew about me either.  Both of us have been open about these journeys, but it is just once again the weird truism about breast cancer: you never know who it is going to touch or how.

DSC_0315I hope you enjoy the video.  I think it is totally inspirational and all of those ladies just rock out loud. It is inspirational to me just like the ladies of the Pink Moon Lovelies who are in my friend Nicki’s book with me The Pink Moon Lovelies: Empowering Stories of Survival

Thank you to the ladies being honored by LBBC for making a difference.  Thank you for giving meaning to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and bringing it back past the pink plastic baubles to what is real and true.


And remember, there but for the grace of God go ANY of us.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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