you go girl/what is brave?

1016267_628346847178270_194024654_nSo my  friend Melinda is going thru treatment, which includes chemotherapy.   At the end of June when the fun and frolic with chemicals really kicked in she posted a photo of her “new ‘do” with the following comment:


Here I Is!!! Bald! There I was, head of full hair, wedding day. Big change!!! Hopefully, the hair will grow in nice and dark so that I don’t have to dye it blond to cover the greys. Oh well. Who ever doesn’t like it can kiss it. LOL!


She channelled her inner Geralyn Lucas and found a fabulous shade of pink to go with her chemo fashion.

1049218_651463521549173_1811770108_oAs a breast cancer survivor, I am very proud of her for her positive attitude and amazing resilience. Some of you might not get that but I think she’s rocking it.


You go girl!


Recently my friend Gwen, another refugee from Camp Breast Cancer celebrated a one year anniversary of being done with treatment.

Gwen is one of those awesome women you can go to for a dose of positive and a reality check because I just so appreciate her ability to tell it like it is (well she is a writer!)

So Gwen, this post is for you too!


You go girl!


So people out there how do you measure brave?  I measure brave in part by the fabulous 1005417_628344927178462_752292423_nwomen I know who are refugees from Camp Breast Cancer.

Today is also a day that I ask you to pause and remember those who have gone before us. It is not a cause to be sad, it is a reason to celebrate for they shared their joy with us.  In that vein I send a little shout out to my friend Nicki for her beautiful tribute to her friends Linda and May today.

There is only so much in life we can control, and we have to be grateful for the gifts we are given. Easier said than done given the dynamic of the glass half full versus half empty. And that is a struggle we all experience on occasion if we are honest with ourselves.

I am going to close this brief post to let you all know I am well.  I am happy, and healthy, and blessed.  I have been gardening like a fiend as well!

Believe in yourselves.  The rest will follow.








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