the twitter snit

This post has nothing to do with cancer or breast cancer.  So if that is what you are expecting this evening, turn away from your computer screens now.

So how many people watch Downton Abbey?  Do you love it? I do.  Haven’t like anything so much since the original Upstairs Downstairs and things like Poldark.

Tonight’s episode of Downton was a tear jerker, so much to my surprise when I saw Katie Couric in my twitter feed being rather snide about one of the characters, Lady Mary:


So I tweeted back (it’s what you do in the 140 character world, right?):

katie reply

Hey, I am defending the honor of my show, right? Well here was my reply from big swinging all important media gal herself (or whomever tweets for her whatever the case may be):

katie to me1

So wow, did Katie Couric just call me an average citizen a prig on twitter for disagreeing with her? Why yes she did.  So I replied back:

katie more5

I went on about my business and when I checked back a while later and two things had occured: one of her die-hard fans had called me a troll and she had blocked me. LOL, yes she did.

Now do I care if Katie Couric blocks me? No not really. It’s not like we lunch or anything.  It is darn amusing however.  Think about it: she wants to portray this cutsie all American cheerleader type persona, yet underneath that thin veneer she can be as bitchy as any other woman. And she let it out on twitter of all the dumb places to do something like that. (maybe she should lunch with Lindsay Lohan or something and they can compare notes?)

I will wear her blockage as a badge of honor because it just goes to show you the silliness that can occur with social media. One would think Ms. Professional Journalist wouldn’t have a hissy fit with a woman on twitter because she disagreed with her and found her comments obnoxious.

I was never a huge Katie fan from The Today Show to the CBS Evening News where she bombed as a hard news anchor.   That being said, someone asked me why I had followed her, and it is simple: I started doing it only because someone I knew was going on her TV show and I was excited for that person. Then I forgot about her.  She just happened to be right there in my twitter feed when I pulled it up and the rest is history.

But at the end of the day, I must thank Ms. Couric for giving me something very amusing to write about.  (But don’t go bashing my Downton Abbey or Lady Mary again.)


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2 Responses to the twitter snit

  1. Wow! That’s hilarious. True colors, indeed! Her tweet could have been funny instead of bitchy had she left out the parenthetical opinion, but Katie never was able to be unbiased–her opinions showed all over her cute little face. I lost all respect for her when she covered one of George W Bush’s election nights. She couldn’t keep the disgust off her face. I’m not a fan of his, either, but I’m also not a million-dollar journalist whose job is to present the facts in an unbiased manner. Gag. Glad you took her on, and I’m not a bit surprised that she got mad at you, took her toys and went home!

    • Thank you for weighing in on this, and thank you for your personal tale of Katie. I think you’re right on all of the above, and here this post will sit as a reminder of her to her that she has to behave like a human being off-camera too

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