paying it forward after sandy

Dear Readers,
File under paying it forward. This is not about breast cancer per se, but it is important because we need to pay it forward.
Thanksgiving is next week, and so many are without homes courtesy of Super Storm Sandy. I was told the statistics for flood claims post-Irene which was also hard on this area was around 75,000 over 6 to 9 months. Sandy has generated in excess of 100,000 in a little over two weeks. Mind you these, figures are approximate in both instances, but you get the picture.
So I have to ask all you gals of the breast, have you considered how many of the people affected by Super Storm Sandy might be breast cancer survivors, in treatement, or about to deal with the breast cancer of it all? I ask all of you to remember how stressed you were going through this. I can’t imagine adding this kind of devestation to the mix.
This might be my last post until after Thanksgiving, so in the event it is sending prayers and best wishes to all. Hugs!


Hi, I am about to post a giant list of who needs what in New Jersey post-Sandy.  A lot of this is focused on North Jersey, but there are some South Jersey places mixed in.

The list came to me from a friend who is a writer in North Jersey and who was affected by the storm. She got the list via Jersey Shore Hurricane News on Facebook.  If you need to contact Jersey Shore Hurricane News e-mail jerseyshorehurricanenews@ or visit their page on Facebook for a number that accepts texts.

I am posting this here hoping it reaches people who want to help, but don’t know how. The holidays are upon us, so if local business owners exist who can offer to defray shipping costs for people in the event they want to ship goods to any of these locations, I hope you will pay it forward and…

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