pretty in pink

Sorry to use a pink metaphor, but think pretty in pink ladies!

We are not deformed, we are beautiful, we have survived.  I feel VERY *strongly* about this.

Umm hello? I am a proud owner of 1 6/8 boobs.  My left boob is less than perfect, but I am alive.  We all have days where we are uncomfortable in clothes, but as far as deformity, do-not-go-there!  It is what it is, and I would rather have less than perfect breasts than breast cancer!

Remember the beauty in survival.

Life is not a glass half empty proposition.  And for the record, God never gives you more than you can handle.

And yes, you have to go to the dark place occasionally to come out the other side, that is only human.

But look at the big picture and celebrate the fact you can get up in the morning.

Simple gifts and the magic of ordinary days.


And in other boobalicious news, there has been a shake up at Susan G. Komen. President Liz Thompson will leave Komen next month and founder Nancy Brinker will give up the CEO role. Board members Brenda Lauderback and Linda Law are also apparently leaving.  Me thinks the fall out from the Planned Parenthood debacle was too much.  Whatever. I do not support Komen.  They are big pink plastic crap generating machine as far as I am concerned.  I prefer smaller charities like Living Beyond Breast Cancer and

Village Voice: Susan G. Komen for The Cure Resignations: Do They Matter?

By Victoria BekiempisThu., Aug. 9 2012 at 2:32 PM

Washington Post: Susan G. Komen for the Cure president leaving, founder moving into new role in latest shakeup

By Associated Press, Published: August 8 | Updated: Thursday, August 9, 7:52 AM

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