errr….pink humor coming your way

Is it really all about the boob, ladies?

When you have another night of no sleep because you have to suck it up and get through the switch in generic Tamoxifens until the next refill insurance will pay for you get silly. 

So some of my local BC gal pals know I have been taking some crap from some harpies on one of my other blogs because I found their choice of summer hats rather odd.  So my one friend started me on boob quest.   Trust us, you have absolutely no idea how many people knit boob caps on Esty. And all BC gals know, once ya been there, it’s all about the boob.

And if you don’t want hats, there are scarves and pillows:




And I suppose we could commandeer the old boob cake that I have actually seen given to friends’ husbands on milestone birthdays.  There used to be a bakery down around the Old City section of Philadelphia that was famous for their boob cakes.

And if all else fails, there is boob soap and boob ear-warmers:







And rest assured, no, I need none of these products…but thanks :<}


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