interviewed today….

So as you all know, I got a bee in my bonnet when the bogus breast cancer charities came calling.   I wrote two posts on the topic on this blog and they have been rather popular.

Today I was interviewed by a television reporter from New Jersey named Walt Kane who has a show or news segment called Kane in Your Korner for News 12 New Jersey.

It was cool to do the interview, and when it airs I will put up a link.  It is kind of awesome to know that people appreciate what I write about – Walt Kane was connected to me by another guy in the television industry who had also been solicited by bogus breast cancer charities and when he started to do his research, my blog posts on the topic came up.  How cool is that?

In 25 days it is one year since my breast cancer diagnosis.  What a long strange trip it’s been, huh?

Here are the posts:

getting solicitation calls from breast cancer survivors foundation?


breast cancer research society: nothing like a rude breast cancer charity phone solicitor 

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4 Responses to interviewed today….

  1. How cool is this? Congrats!

  2. Kathleen Doerrie says:

    The state of Washington at reports that this charity devoted 0% of their revenue to programs. I had pledged $25 but wrote to them that I would not participate when I found this out . Found your blog when doing my research.

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