trials and tribulations

Tamoxifen is so screwing with my sleep I am down right miserable. And the hot flashes and night sweats right now honestly suck. I know it will pass, but I am exhausted and crabby right now.

So maybe it’s the sleep interruption at night that is also affecting my moods, or maybe that is the tamoxifen too.   All I know is right now, some days, I feel like a hot mess.

I know I sound like a whiner , and I am sorry.  Yes I get the alternative is far more unpleasant than hot flashes and night sweats.

I go for a gyno check again soon and I have lack of sleep on the discussion list along with discussing a BRCA test.

I have had breast cancer, it and prostate cancer are in my family, so I think it might be a good idea.

I know someone who had one recently and she said she was glad she did.

You can read about BRCA testing HERE on

Have any of you who are survivors had the BRCA test?  Let me know and tell me your thoughts, please.




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2 Responses to trials and tribulations

  1. dropjohn says:

    I had both the BRCA and the BART (BRCA was covered and I elected to have the BART). As a ‘young’ woman with breast cancer, and with my mother having had breast cancer, my maternal grandfather having had prostrate cancer, it made sense to me.

    Had either test come back positive, I probably would have opted for an oophorectomy and my sibling, mother, and maternal aunt would have needed to look at testing – luckily enough, neither did.

    Myriad will set up a payment plan for the testing, if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

    It’s good to remember that a negative result only means that the genes that they *know* can exhibit a talent for breast and ovarian cancer aren’t expressed; it doesn’t really mean your risk is lower, but that you don’t fall into that *particular* high risk group.

    Still and yet, it’s worth it – or it was for me. More information is better.

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