my awesome friends

So now I know I was on the right track with my earlier post which has incidentally proven to be shall we say  slightly locally controversial…I have yet to understand why my opinions can be like lightning rods.  I am just one person…

As I was waiting for my sweet man so we could have dinner with his father, there was a knock at the door – a florist standing there with a GIANT flower arrangement.  I asked him if he was sure he had the right address.  He did.

Flowers were sent by a couple I know who live in Arkansas right now.  The husband of the marital equation has been a friend since the 4th grade and we went to both grade school and high school together.  And his wife is just so lovely a human being.

Anyway, on the 23rd of December they called me.  The wife had been Googling to see what I had been blogging about and hit on the piece I wrote for the Main Line Times during breast cancer awareness month and then the subsequent interview I gave the Inquirer Neighbors section .

Unfortunately in the craziness that ensued from diagnosis through to the end of treatment I did not get to everyone in my world to tell them what was going on…and my bad, but a lot of the people who fell through the cracks were the out- of -staters.

So they phoned me in an understandable panic afraid I really wasn’t o.k.  And we all had a great catch-up conversation and I wish they were closer…anyway, they sent me these flowers “just because”, apparently.  The flowers are so beautiful and I am so touched they did that for me.

You see, things like this are what this season is all about.  Not drivel about are you re-gifting and why.  It’s like another present I received unexpectedly from a woman I love dearly – an angel plaque – so beautiful and who can’t use an angel in their life?

The people in my life continue to amaze me.   I am honored that I have such amazing friends.

Breast cancer is a strange life teacher, friends, it truly is.  I know I am blessed by those in my life.

My final note is a wish to literally pray it forward for my neighbor whom I have written about in the past who has stage 4 colorectal cancer.  She is so amazing and has survived I have lost count of how many rounds of horrible, nasty chemo.  She is going in someplace for a reassessment of her cancer.  We need to send her some angels.  She has shown amazing grace and strength and positiveness in her war on cancer.

2011 is almost over, folks.  Not to be trite, but it is a year that has indeed been the best of times and the worst of times.

Here’s wishing everyone a beautiful 2012 if I don’t make it up here to post again until after the New Year.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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  1. kim says:

    I love you bloggs I’m also a bc surviver!

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