what to write,what to write….

Today was a relatively calm day with no hot flashes. (yay!) 

Today is also election day, so did you all vote out there???  I did. 

So….I was asked to write another piece on breast cancer and my experience.   For my sorority magazine.  I was a Gamma Phi Beta …. and the publication is their magazine, The Crescent.

I get 500 words so what do I write about with regard to my breast cancer experience?   Suggestions, anyone?  Should I give a synopsis from diagnosis to present?  Or hone in on something specific?

If I honed in, should I talk about The Driving Miss Daisy of it all?  To pay that forward?

Come on readers, help a gal out….



About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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11 Responses to what to write,what to write….

  1. ncbluesky says:

    Hone in on the list.

  2. Carla, have been one of the many who have followed your journey through your writings. But I have to say, the support system of close friends and of that special man in your life, has been very moving. All those wonderful people who drove you to your office visits, stayed with you, created special meals, etc.etc.– the many remarkable people that care so deeply about you . . . that’s a side of breast cancer that lifted my spirit! Carla, my vote is for Driving Miss Daisy and the importance of those special people in your life — and they did it easily for you because ‘you’ are so special!

  3. LOL I don’t know that I am so special…although some days I am “special”…ok so two votes for Driving Miss Daisy thus far – thanks Pattye

  4. Since it is from your Sorority magazine, you could reflect on your journey and how it relates to…personal growth, service to humanity and friendships. It all relates to the sorority values and mission “To inspire the highest type of womanhood.”

  5. Maureen says:

    I have been reading your blog since it hit the Inquirer. I was diagnosed 10 months ago, had a radical mast. and four rounds of chemo. I have continued to work, worn wigs, have been complimented on the wig’s highlights. A funny highlight for me. I have flown over 25,000 miles since Feb. , no more waiting in line! I have hot flashes on Tax and basically tryt o kick cancer to the curb. I listened to my oncologist say that I may feel a bit of depression after what I thought was fairly depressing anyway. She was right, I had shouldered through and in my opinion the time you need is when you finish, to re-group. I had unbelieveable support, I kept every card I received and am afraid to re-read them. I hope I could be there for every one that was for me. While I know this is your blog, and you can write anything I fear if you have not been fired you will be, and let’s try to soldier through. Think of your lower heating bills this winter as you will be constantly kicking covers on and off. I wish you nothing but health and a workplace that appreciates you. I have commented once before and not sure if you ever respond or if I have to check back on your site to check.

    • If I am fired for having First Amendment rights and exercising them, that will be a sad state of affairs. However, my having had a go round with breast cancer has given me a much more clear picture of who I am, what I want to do and the life I want to lead. I have discovered through all of this that God not only has a very strange sense of humor, but when he closes a window he opens a door. So I have decided I have to have faith. We have to be true to ourselves in this world, do we not?

      I remember you commented before and I thought I had responded. I have fought depression with every fiber of my being – I refuse to give into that.

      I wish you well, Maureen, and send you a virtual hug wherever you are. Come back and visit.

  6. Maureen says:

    Thanks for your virtual hug, It would be a sad state indeed, but I can still worry about how you will pay your co-pays. Good luck with the piece! Look forward to reading it.

    • I pay my own health insurance and God gave me a voice for a reason. If someone wants to target me for that the Americans With Disabilities Act might have something to say about that and other things too. We spend too much of our lives as women apologizing for who we are and what we believe in. I have looked at the prospect of death with this disease – that is far worse

  7. My suggestion – write about that wonderful group of support people with whom you have been blessed. I don’t think people always realize how important even a minor gesture can be.


  8. Hi:

    How about writing about your experience about writing about your experience?
    Your decision to share this whole thing from day One on the internet.
    That’s a unique aspect of your experience.
    Best of luck with it.


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