D’Oh Monday

I am officially dubbing it D’Oh Monday.

As a breast cancer survivor, and even from within a very minute of my diagnosis, I was forced to take stock in my life.  And that includes the career.  I work in a very stressful environment and don’t feel any reward from what I do.  I feel like Sisyphus with the mother of all boulders.

After going through part of a massive corporate layoff as the economy started to tank in 2007, it took until the summer of 2008 to find what I currently have, and at the time I wasn’t being picky, I just wanted to work.  So as a result, I took a job with no benefits, no sick days, no vacation days.  I managed until my breast cancer diagnosis, but at that point I realized that the very structure of the job sometimes caused more stress some days then the job itself.

So here we are in what is really a depression and not a recession.  But I have to be proactive.  I realize no job is without stress, but I really do have to move forward.

Now of course, given the lumpectomy, I won’t be applying to the PA Renaissance Faire as a Wench of all Trades.  Ok people, breathe, it’s a joke.  Besides from a practical standpoint, I can’t fill out those costumes.

I have taken a look at some opportunities, and have applied for things of interest.  Today I heard back from one place in particular.  A non-profit that had advertised a terrific sounding opportunity on their website.  I got back an e-mail that basically said “oh sorry, we filled that a while ago.”

Well do you think they could have taken down the ad from their own website?   D’oh.

Maybe I should be easier on people about things like this, but face it there are millions of people like me out there beating the street to find jobs.  And when you find those “a-ha”  moments where you actually see something that meets some hope or dream inside of you and then they either do not respond, or they respond with something like that, it’s very frustrating.

It’s almost as frustrating as having to wait on hold for over half an hour without ever hearing a live person just to make an appointment at Penn Medicine at Radnor.  They have a new phone system which is wreaking havoc on patients and their employees alike.

And yes, I saw an elephant stick out her tongue yesterday – that is my photo.

About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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