Today in a sense  I said good-bye to my radiation oncologist Marisa Weiss .  Today was our last scheduled appointment as part of my breast cancer treatment.  I am a little verklempt after the fact.  She will always be but a phone call away, but today was my last day as a regular patient.

And yes, Driving Miss Daisy List, I went alone.  I needed to.

Dr. Weiss is an amazing woman and she made the radiation something I could get through, even if it was ungodly long and she tried to get me to eat kale for breakfast (I can however eat spinach for breakfast and asparagus LOL).  Seriously, she is an amazing force in the world of breast cancer treatment and education.  I wish more women would start paying attention to her breast health initiative Think Pink/Live Green  .

Dr. Weiss thanked me for my breast cancer article and interview I gave.  That totally blew me away —-as busy as she is, she read both.  She told me I brought comfort and inspiration to many women.  This is of course incredibly flattering, but me? Wow. Really? I still don’t know about that – I am just me.   We spoke about my decision to be public about this while still remaining private.   Some days it is a balancing act, especially when people come up to me and say they are sorry.  I know I should be more tolerant but it is like nails on a chalkboard because no one caused it, it was my roll of the dice, luck of the draw and I am grateful to be alive and kicking so can we focus on that? The positives?

She was happy with the way my skin has healed.  I think the shooting pains that occur on occasion through the site that got dissected and baked is beyond her control.  The tired I keep hearing will fade over time as my immune system recovers and honestly, I can’t wait.  The F in fatigue just blows.  All in all, considering the abuse it took to make me cancer free, my breast doesn’t look half bad, even if I am not thrilled about the perpetual state of lopsidedness.

They are also happy with the state of my weight, as in decreasing and all that.  We spoke of other things including the ungodly stress of my current job.   But I don’t need a doctor to tell me that finding something different where my talents and skill sets are actually appreciated  and I was happy working would be less stressful and more beneficial.   But this economy makes nothing easy, does it?

And speaking of economy, what are all the companies making (as in profits)  in our pink overload month of October 2011?  I am assailed by PINK even in the grocery store.  Even  damn Wheat Thins are pink.  What are these companies making versus what they are donating and where are they donating?  Are they spreading the love?

Ok that’s it for me.  Another milestone reached in treatment.  But I love these people who are part of Dr. Weiss’s team at Lankenau Hospital.  I hope god is good and I never have to deal with the spectre of radiation or even chemo for the rest of my life, but I would like to stay in touch with these people.  They are just that terrific.  I left a bunch of magazines in the radiation waiting room for the women currently going through treatment.

And seriously?  I would like to make my Driving Miss Daisy List that got me through the days a national movement.  Think we could all get that done together?  Seems to make more sense then pink Wheat Thins.

Next up Tamoxifen.  Sent my medical oncologist a little nag today about that.  I need to get started if I am doing it.  And how about the study out today on selenium and vitamin E? That “select trial”?  How about vitamin E causing a 17% up-tick in prostate cancer?

O.k. time to draw this flowing stream of consciousness to a close.  Today I actually feel like a survivor.

No pink plastic or rubber trees were harmed in the writing of this blog post.




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