picked up?

Wow talk about a leading blog post title. (LOL not meant in that way so read on…)

 A little while ago today I noticed  that a week or so ago my article that I wrote for the Main Line Times for Flair that got picked up by The Delco Times also ended up on some AP News page of Penn Live that is up in the Harrisburg/Lehigh Valley area.

O.k., not to sound like a 12-year-old, but how cool is that?  I would apologize, but by now you all know how much I like to write, so it is to me a very positive affirmation that what I write has some purpose and meaning.

I have also received some very positive feedback about the little interview I did with Ashley Nguyen of philly.com (Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News) for the new Neighbors section – as I said before it is easier writing then being interviewed, much like it is easier being behind the camera lens than in front of it. (Ironically one of the very first things I ever wrote that was published was written for the original Philadelphia Inquirer print “Neighbors” section.)

In other news of the Rialto (did I spell that right?), my fever finally broke a little after 5 pm – I will have to take it easy a couple of more days, but it’s nice to bid adieu to fever head.  My voice is still virtually non-existent and my Nurse Bettys who have kept me in soup the past couple days have cheerfully told me I look like hell.

And because it is breast cancer awareness month, I am going to remind all of you again today that it is NOT about buying pink plastic crap.  I suggest paying it forward.  Something like what my friends did for me – The Driving Miss Daisy List.  Also you can check out good info like my radiation oncologist Marisa Weiss puts out there – Think Pink/Live Green.

 Some other take away?  The world doesn’t stop when you get diagnosed with breast cancer.  It changes, but it doesn’t stop.  And you definitely learn a lot about yourself and others when you begin the journey.  I might be in survivor  status now, but I know my journey is not over, it has just begun.  And slowly, day by day I am learning to really go for the things I want, not just contemplate them.

No pink rubber trees were killed in the creation of this blog post.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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