a question for insurance companies

Why don’t insurance companies seem to really want to take care of the women who are taking care of the “girls”?

I have a friend who is a survivor who moved recently.   She sent me a note the other day which in part said:


Apropos  of the cancer issue, you will be interested to know that when I moved and had to apply for new insurance in my new state, two insurance companies turned me down for ANY coverage and the only one who would cover me excluded all forms of cancer for eternity.   So from now on, I am on my own.  Kind of makes you wonder what kind of values our society has that make audiences during debates shout “let him die” and that excludes all risks (at ANY premium price) from insurance pools in order to give millions to the company CEOs.

O.k., hello?  My biggest fear with regard to health insurance: anything which would necessitate a change in insurance, or should I say insurers now that I have had breast cancer.

For some reason I thought the great Obama had taken care of at least this part of the health insurance debate in this country?

I also know someone (a woman) with colorectal cancer.  She had been laid off prior to diagnosis and had no health insurance and is too young for medicare.  She is paying out-of-pocket with I guess some grants and stuff.  She will undoubtedly never get health insurance again.

Or look at me, I know I have a giant bill looming and I had to pay out-of-pocket for the radiation creams that are medically necessary, although my insurance company disagreed with my doctor.

Will we ever have fair and equitable health insurance where we actually get more bang for our buck? Even in countries with socialized medicine it’s not so hot – as indicated by something interesting out of Ireland (click here).

So Obama? You campaigned for this whole national healthcare thing and somewhere back in time cited a breast cancer victim as inspiration? Mr. President, we’re still waiting. And a note to that cuckoo clock running from Texas? Gov. Perry? He’s the one who doesn’t believe in evolution and if I was a woman in Texas I would move after reading THIS. I certainly won’t be voting for him if he is on the ballot for President.

But hell, when it comes down to it, who IS fit to run our country? I say maybe a bunch of breast cancer survivors.  Then maybe we wouldn’t feel so like system victims/push me-pull-yous. Or like we are living in Torchwood.

And now a  lovely little news report I found today about breast cancer and stress:


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