9 down 26 to go and other fun

Yes….number nine was today and I am sleepy now.  I have officially put in myt 40 hours of work so a nap is in order.

Today I wore my most obnoxious and beloved summer capris to jazz up the radiation waiting room…and thankfully it wasn’t Africa hot in that waiting room today, either.

I have survived another 5 days of rads…YAY me!

Now a joke someone sent me today titled “A Wish to Live Forever”:

I met a fairy today that said she would grant me one wish.
“I want to live forever,” I said.
“Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that!”
“Fine,” I said, “then I want to die after Congress get their heads out of their asses!”
“You crafty bastard,” said the fairy.

I also would like to pay it forward and point out this cool woman I know named Jen McGowan who is getting props (well-deserved I might add) for creating these little boxes called “Busy Boxes” that get given out to the littlest patients in a local hospital – pediatric patients.  I think this is an awesome act of love, so brava Jen!

Happy weekend people!

Wayne Woman Behind “Busy Boxes” for Pediatric Patients. Kids who receive care at Bryn Mawr Hospital can take home the shoebox-sized boxes filled with toys. 

By Danielle Vickery

Wayne resident Jen McGowan said a year and a half ago, at her oldest daughter’s birthday party, she was trying to keep track of which friends had gifted what.

“My kids were just kind of tearing into the presents,” said McGowan, who has three kids under the age of 4. “It just didn’t seem like the way it was supposed to go. Guests had brought these beautiful gifts, and I just thought, ‘you know what—there has to be a better way.’ ”

She thought immediately of donating new trinkets and toys her children receive to Bryn Mawr Hospital, but she didn’t want to burden a busy pediatric unit with things they didn’t need, especially since she discourages her kids from playing with toys at doctors’ offices because of germs.

From that, McGowan came up with the idea of creating “Busy Boxes”: plastic shoebox-sized boxes with age-appropriate toys that pediatric patients at the hospital can take home with them

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