blogging for a cure/is it good luck when…


Is it good luck when your dog poops in your shoe?  One of mine did that to me this morning.  I am thinking there is a cosmic raison d’être on this since  some of you may recall a bird pooped on my head in Home Depot before my surgery?

Hope so….today is day one.  At the end of today I will be one treatment down with like 34 to go.

I also heard on the Today Show this morning that Hoda Kotb is off filming something about breast cancer survivors according to Kathie Lee Gifford ?  Wonder what that is all about.   

Hey Hoda?  I know a few survivors LOL. 

I am one of the Blog for a Cure people – we’re the ladies keeping is real as we go through and past our treatments and talk about what it’s like, how we are treated, how we feel.   Blogging about this is a great relief as it is an outlet, but it is not easy to talk about this stuff some days.

Keep in your prayers  some of my fellow bloggers going thru treatment , a friend of a friend who has stage 3 breast cancer and starts chemo the first week in August, and also for a friend of mine’s mom who has had a recurrence.

Go forth people and enjoy your days.  I am nervous and a wee bit anxious but I am pretty much o.k.   I am resolved I will get through this (but I won’t promise not to whine occasionally).






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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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