when it comes to breast cancer, who is a survivor?

So I saw this status posted on The Breast Cancer Site on Facebook about putting something on individual pages to honor the memories of women who have died from breast cancer.

Right or wrong, this kind of irked me because no offense to those who have lost loved ones to breast or any kind of cancer, but you whooo??? There are a lot of us out here who count as survivors, yes?  

Why not accentuate the positive and give props to the women out there every day alive and kicking and dealing with the disease called breast cancer?

So anyway, I commented on this on my own Facebook page and this guy I knew from high school said that all props to me, but those who have lost someone who was part of their lives – they are survivors too.

Call me crazy, and maybe I know nothing in the land of pink rubber bracelets and uber pink marketing, but in this particular sense of the word, doesn’t survivor refer to those of us who have had mastectomies, partial mastectomies, lumpectomies, chemo, radiation and so on and so forth who are hanging out fighting the good fight and are alive and kicking?   As in thus far knock on wood say a prayer of thanksgiving as we are surviving this disease?

Below is a cut-n-past of this thing I found.  Any thoughts out there on this? 

In the age of thinking too pink, who is a survivor?  I say  give props to the ladies fighting the good fight – and I say that meaning no disrespect to anyone who has lost someone to this disease – quite simply it’s just we’re here, we’re real and we’re alive and kicking.

But then again I am not a woman that feels I have to sport a cheap pink rubber bracelet to show solidarity with my new-found sisterhood.

Peace out.

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Every year more than 40,000 Americans die from Breast Cancer. If you’ve lost someone you love to Breast Cancer please share these beautiful Angel Wings on your wall to honor their memory.

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3 Responses to when it comes to breast cancer, who is a survivor?

  1. Okay, here’s my crazy stab at it. I see it as two different things.

    First there are those of us who, like you say, have survived mastectomies, etc and are just glad to be alive and kicking. It is a difficult journey to say the least. And only those of us who have gone thru it can truly understand. It is that experience that binds us together. We support and celebrate each others journey. I agree, it is not the pink bracelets that join us.

    Secondly, there are those who have died or had loved ones to die of this horrid disease. It is by remembering their loss that the world doesn’t forget that we still need a cure. Some people out there think it’s not a big deal that someone has BC. (You may have experienced some people’s casual reaction to it. It has sure shocked me a few times) Chemo, radiation and other treatments are not enough…we need a cure. I have seen other bloggers having to deal with losing a BC buddy and feel their pain.

    I see both as crucial in keeping hope alive and for remembering the seriousness of BC. Hope I’m making sense.

    • It makes sense…and in the end my friend from high school wasn’t even talking about breast cancer! Which in and of itself bothers me because some people do fluff it off like us getting through this is not a big deal – it is – and right now as I get ready to do the next phases of treatment I am a little scared. Mind you, I am NOT scared as in I won’t do it, but because the reality is well…so very real and it’s happening to me… so yes PGL what you said makes sense

  2. very insensitive comment from your old high school classmate. If “Survivor” in the breast (or other) cancer world included all the people that had lost someone to the terrible disease, everyone I know would be a survivor. Keeping fighting the fight – glad you have good friends by your side, they are your angels.

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