learning to go with the flow

One of the hardest things about dealing with breast cancer is learning to go with the flow.  But when you are used to being in control of your own life, and suddenly there is a great deal of it in the short term that feels beyond your control, it is very, very difficult.

I am having a hard time some days.  Some days it is a bit of an emotional roller coaster and add to that the additional stresses involved with a very uneven and unpredictable work environment and the stresses of everyday life, well…big deep breaths don’t always cover it.

I know I have to go with the flow , but some days it is easier said then done.

That’s all.  Maybe some of you will understand this, and some of you won’t.  It can’t be helped.


About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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