the human element in breast cancer

Today was a crazy, quasi-rainy Monday.  A trip back to my primary care for another blood pressure check – and well, my blood pressure is a little high so I am on a beta blocker thingy at least for the short to near term.  (Of course every additional appointment close to surgery hypes me up more, I hope they take that into consideration – it’s not that I don’t like all entrusted with my care, because honestly I do, but nevertheless….)

After work when I was taking a walk I thought about some of the random people I have come in contact with since I was diagnosed.  Like the woman who felt the need to tell me her sister died of pancreatic cancer after being on tamoxifen.  Truly, I did not need to hear that. And besides, how does she know it was the tamoxifen? 

I ran into my new friend whom I made friends with when fate introduced us at the end of my driveway.  She is a remarkable woman and mother and I just think she is so nice.  I think she hits a year post surgery in a few weeks.  I like talking to her because she is just real and nice.  She gave me a tip when I hit the radiation stage – apparently corn starch becomes a girl’s best friend during radiation – it helps keep the area dry.  She told me something really cool – apply it with one of those large make-up brushes.  (Now there’s a tip I can use because I am hell with powder LOL.) She also told me to get myself some soft stretchy cotton camisoles.  I don’t know where to look, so those of you inclined towards tracking those down, let me know where you find some.

Then this evening as I was chilling out watching Antiques Roadshow, one of my sister’s friends called to check in.  They offered me some additional resources for keeping my knowledge base solid and options if I need them down the road.  I thought it was wonderful they did that for me, and also because they just listened.  Yes I know, I am sort of a one trick pony until I get through this, but the listening and encouragement are invaluable.  My sister has some truly amazing friends and I am blessed they like me enough to care. 

Because face it, I can be damn difficult.

But I guess being difficult is part of the human element, is it not?  Sometimes it’s the very edge in us that gets us through…or something like that.

Goodnight little monsters. Today was a pretty good day all in all.

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2 Responses to the human element in breast cancer

  1. Sara says:

    Stretchy COTTON camis can be ordered [over web, natch] from Dharma Trading Co. []. They are ‘blanks’ for dyeing, pretty cheap, and if you don’t like white or black, let me know and I’ll dye them craaaazy colors for you. I say COTTON; recently my cousin had back surgery, is dressed in a ‘clamshell’ for support, and camis with synthetics proved to be too hot and itchy.

    You are one amazing broad and I love you and your spirit in facing the ‘big C’ down!! Sara

  2. UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Sara I found a site for camis. – so those of you who keep threatening me with homemade chicken soup when the time comes? I can also use these from Dharma probably more then soup in the summer:

    Feminine Fit Softee V-neck Sleeveless Tee #FFSVST – XL
    Dharma Camisole Extra Long #DCAMEL – XL
    Fem Fit Softee Tank #FFST – XL

    Yes XL. I am not a size zero people and 100% cotton shrinks

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