busy, busy

Monday has been a blur.  The weekend was so wonderful and bam! Reality came pouring back in starting at about 6:30 a.m. Between work and getting more crap scheduled, it was a blur.  Not a bad blur, or particularly upsetting blur, just a busy blur.

Today I also had a call from my Nurse Navigator who is part of the whole team entrusted with my care through this process –  I had phoned her last week with questions. 

My Nurse Navigator was down to earth, cool, and very helpful.   She gave me numbers for support groups, therapists, nutritionists, and many other things.  She went over my familial history of who what, where, and when of cancer and will be asking my surgeon if I should have genetic testing.  She answered questions I had with the potential side effects of tamoxifen.  Some of them have definite ick potential….

Two other things my Nurse Navigator discussed with me that I found really helpful was  one telling people when I needed space and not being afraid to ask for help.   The second thing was that as I got into this and met others with my cancer and those who had other breast cancers, to keep in mind that every case and experience is different.  That is very true.  Especially given one experience I read about today.

It is a very powerful account of a woman’s journey through breast cancer. Wow. Now her cancer is different than mine – much worse truly, and every case is different.  She’s a definite survivor and what she has written is incredibly powerful, but if I wasn’t reading it from a slightly detached perspective I might be really terrified about what lies ahead.  I am not trying to minimize this woman’s experience, it’s just so different from how I  feel thus far. 

Maybe I won’t always feel as positive, but I will tell you what, I am going to work damn hard to stay in this place.

Maybe all that will be easier said then done, but I have to get through what lies ahead.  I want the good on the other side, you know?

Today I also had a visit from one of my oldest friends which was really nice.

The day was a pretty good one.

May they continue….

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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